Psychotherapists and Counsellors for Social Responsibility and the Confederation for Analytical Psychology present the 4th Therapy and Politics Open Forum

Sunday July 21st 11am to 1pm


(Barack Obama, July 2nd 2013)

The Therapy and Politics Open Forum is a place where emotional and psychological aspects of political questions can be explored. The fora are put together very quickly to keep up with current events. If you want to come, you have to make a quick decision.

How have you personally experienced the news about surveillance by the US National Security Agency and the UK Government Communications Headquarters, stemming from the revelations of Edward Snowdon and diverse investigative journalists? Were you surprised and shocked (or angry)? Or did you, with Obama, simply think that’s how intelligence services operate? What are the deeper issues here? How has this news impacted the therapy encounter? Will our images of the internet and mobile phones change?

As with the previous meetings, Andrew Samuels will facilitate discussion. Please note these are informal events with no designated speakers but they are not run as if they were therapy or experiential groups. The aim is that therapists talk politics.

Date and time: Sunday July 21st 11am to 1pm
Venue: Association of Jungian Analysts, 7 Eton Avenue, London NW3 3EL. Nearest tube: Swiss Cottage.
Price: There is no fixed price but a collection will be taken to defray expenses.
Seating: Please bring a cushion or cushions.

PLEASE DO LET US KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE IN A QUICK E-MAIL IF YOU PLAN TO COME (and contact for information: [email protected]

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