C. G. Jung

Arcanum Arcanorum

“Arcanum arcanorum: A refinement of the arcanum within C. G. Jung’s alchemical opus” is a truly simile to Jung’s classical vision extending his classical work into alchemical inquiry and rich inventory of C. G. Jung’s Latin terms. Diego Pignatelli Spinazzola restores and retrieves Jung’s lyrical poetry along with the numinous approach throughout C. G. Jung’s […]

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William James and C.G. Jung: Doorways to the Self

Dear All, I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book “William James and C.G. Jung: Doorways to the Self.” by Steven Herrmann Book Endorsement “Steven Herrmann is one of those rare individuals who can brilliantly bring intellectual prowess and visionary depth together in a graceful dance of prose and poetry. In this

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Spiritual Democracy

Exploring what the author calls the “shaman-poets”—Walt Whitman, Herman Melville, and Emily Dickinson—this book demonstrates how far ahead of their times these writers were in forecasting developments of our current time. It was Whitman who first wrote of “Spiritual Democracy” as a vision of transformation and global equality. Steven Herrmann delves deep into the visionary

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C.G. JUNG – Institut Berlin e.V.

Institut für Jungianische Psychoanalyse und Psychotherapie Die nächsten Infoveranstaltungen zu den Aus-/Weiterbildungsgängen finden statt am: Freitag, den 11.09.2015 um 19 Uhr in Raum 12 im Institut für Psychotherapie, Goerzallee 5, 12207 Berlin Aus- und Weiterbildungsinstitut für Psychoanalyse und Psychotherapie Das C. G. Jung-Institut Berlin e.V. wurde am 17. Juni 1977 gegründet. Es ist eines der

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Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies

Wednesday 16 November 2011   ‘Enchantment, disenchantment, re-enchantment: C. G. Jung in a secular age’   Professor Roderick Main, Centre for Psychoanalytic Studies Abstract:  In this paper I use the theme of disenchantment as a lens through which to compare C. G. Jung’s treatment of the relationship between the sacred and the secular with its treatment

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Enchantment and Disenchantment: The Psyche in Transformation

First Regional Conference of the International Association for Jungian Studies London (Venue TBA) UK Friday July 15th and Saturday July 16th 2011 In the 50th anniversary year of Jung’s death, we wish to explore the ways in which Jung’s work has succeeded or failed in responding to one of the major narratives of the 20th century: ‘the disenchantment of the world’. Theorists of the

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