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The online discussion list is moderated and provides a number of formal and informal seminars annually.

The list also provides a forum for researchers, students, and authors to ask questions, and the whereabouts of references.  Additionally, the latest Jungian Depth Psychology news is disseminated, call for papers are announced and dates for the latest conferences are given. Members also use the list to advise other members of important books that have just been published, their own and others as well as insight into films, literature, philosophy and culture.

We have included some samples below.

April 2017

Joint IAAP/IAJS 2018 Conference

Save the Date!

We are holding a joint IAAP/IAJS conference from 3-5 August 2018 at the Goethe University,
West end Campus, Frankfurt, Germany on the theme:

Indeterminate States: trans-cultural; trans-racial; trans-gender.

 Joint IAAP/IAJS 2018 Conference


Do these states mirror and reflect creative Jungian/post Jungian ideas

about cross border migration within
personal and cultural complexes as facilitators for change?

The theme locates Frankfurt’s long multinational trading history with its recent trans-cultural  migratory routes at the heart of Europe as the birthplace of Goethe and the home of the Frankfurt School of Critical Theory.
The joint IAAP/IAJS conference committee will be sending the call for papers at the end of July 2017. Please save the date in your calendar! We will keep you fully informed of all the conference

With warm wishes,
The joint IAAP/IAJS conference team.

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