The Internet has brought huge expansion of "mass media", with far-reaching political…

Dear Liz,
Thanks for your reply. I think we misunderstand one another – which some time I might try to elaborate as not wholly unrelated to ‘cyber space’ communication generally.  But at a much simpler level, I certainly wasn’t criticising your “failure to be more precise” in evaluation.  Rather the contrary. It was that you were so ready to evaluate, and in a reassuring manner.

The Internet has brought huge expansion of “mass media”, with far-reaching political, cultural, historical, and possibly biological impact. I feel safe in making that generalisation. I feel less sanguine in believing in such research, of the sort you cite, reveals the more profound changes occurring … such as in what it is to be ‘a person’ in community. The discussion, which was introduced for and about the IAJS community, wobbled about rather uncertainly between these larger issues, and a narrower focus on “us”, whether IAJS or the larger Jungian-oriented community.

I hope that gives some sense of why I felt your personal summation (“on balance I think … ” etc.), left me feeling … well, presumed to be wanting, even needing, it. Whereas: “It’s a hung Parliament for me” would have been just fine – an acknowledgement of the breadth & depth of the issues touched upon, and that none of us, perhaps, is up to more!!

With best regards, and hope for ever-increased understanding …
Judith Keyston

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