This divide is reinforced by multiple psychocultural dynamics

Hi Leslie,

I hear you asking for more particulars. I also hear you say the concept of “cultural complex” doesn’t have any surface area for you, any legs to carry us into the future. If I were to set those two words aside I would simply say that:

1)     There is a divide in our consciousness between our private and public experience that restricts our political energy.

2)     That this divide is reinforced by multiple psychocultural dynamics that are present in interesting and distinct ways within our community. And, they have a knowable history.

3)      That, because we are not entirely unique, if we attended to this divide and did something about it within our own communities we would likely have an understanding and set of practices that would help us treat that condition in other organizations and communities. This would help create a politically-engaged Jungian psychology.

4)     Further, we could use our own capacity for scholarship to examine the history of this condition in order to support development of those remediating practices.

5)     Intervening in this condition includes attending to our privileging of differences and the deprecation of similarities and our group identities.

6)     In terms of particulars, we can look at any of our interactions to see the way in which we work with similarities and differences. So, you have brought in differences but you have also made an effort to join finding out what it is that Marybeth and I are attempting to work out. I’m not drawing a conclusion from that, I’m just describing our own behavior, which can become part of our process in a fruitful manner, though I recognize that it could also be overdone.

Thanks for connecting,

Peter Dunlap

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