Yes, I agree the Gospel of Thomas is a curious gospel…

Dear Matts
Thank you for your clarifications/corrections and additions…

In other places I have elaborated on ‘the what is within you’…with threads to the Gospel of Mary (some think of Mandala) and other gospels.

And of course it is too much to go into on line here.

Yes, I agree the Gospel of Thomas is a curious gospel…’

The point I am making, in general, and simply, is that paying attention to what is inside us, revealing ‘the nous’ if you like (said fearfully…for fear of bringing  up yet another ‘definition’!), carefully…can be  all part of contributing to ‘community’ enhancement and depth.

Frankly, I am rather partial to the image of ‘giving birth’.

Incidentally, I think what ‘orthodox christianity is  is too big a discussion here and now. I also like Karen King’s and Pagel’s suggestions that each so called ‘Gnostic’ gospel stands alone…to be considered more individually.  Each are,, to me,  rather like ‘tents’ of experience. To enter and experience.  Other would disagree.


Dr. Evangeline Rand
Registered Psychologist (Canada)

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