Unconscious thought not so smart after all…

Thanks to Arthur Funkhouser Psychotherapy (Jungian) from Bern for bringing this to our attention…

If you have to make a complex decision, will you do a better job if you absorb yourself in, say, a crossword puzzle instead of ruminating about your options? The idea that unconscious thought is sometimes more powerful than conscious thought is attractive, and echoes ideas popularized by books such as writer Malcolm Gladwell’s best-selling Blink.

But within the scientific community, ‘unconscious-thought advantage’ (UTA) has been controversial. Now Dutch psychologists have carried out the most rigorous study yet of UTA — and find no evidence for it.

Their conclusion, published this week in Judgement and Decision Making, is based on a large experiment that they designed to provide the best chance of capturing the effect should it exist, along with a sophisticated statistical analysis of previously published data1.

More… http://www.nature.com/news/unconscious-thought-not-so-smart-after-all-1.16801?WT.ec_id=NATURE-20150129

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