Organizing, hosting or launching a Jungian event?

Our mission is to further the Jungian project globally; we are supportive of both IAJS members and non IAJS members respectively in presenting Jungian projects on the world stage.

The IAJS itself has a long running relationship with creating joint conferences with the IAAP (The International Association for Analytical Psychology was founded in 1955 by a group of psychoanalysts to sustain and promote the work of C. G. Jung.)

As such we have worked out four different levels of relationship that we can have with any given event.

  1. First, we can “sponsor” it ourselves. This includes taking responsibility for all issues of organization, advertising, and finances, etc.
  2. Second, we can “co-sponsor” it as partners equally responsible for managing and overseeing finances. An example of this would be the last Yale conference (2015) where financial responsibility was shared with IAAP. In this case conference coordinator provides both organizations with financial reports and divides the profits and losses according to prior agreement, typically 50-50. Also, both organizations do everything they can to advertise, provide volunteers, etc.
  3. Third, we can “co-sponsor” where another organization takes the lead and has the financial responsibility, including oversight of finances and paying all debits and making all profits. In this case we help with advertising and marketing to our membership. An example of this is the JSSS Santa Fe conference June 2016. We have no financial responsibility for oversight for this conference.
  4. Fourth, we can “endorse” an event which is being organized by someone who is either a member of the IAJS or not. In this case we help with advertising and encourage our membership to participate but do not take any financial responsibility for oversight or sharing of profits or losses.

Please communicate with either Elizabeth Brodersen or Michael Glock if you have an interest in organizing an event.

Thank you to Peter Dunlap IAJS secretary (2015-2017) with formulating these levels of involvement with input from Susan Rowland. (Current President, 2016, JSSS USA)