Rhetorical Investigations G. B. Vico and C. G. Jung By Leslie Gardner, Director, Artellus Limited, UK

rhetorical-investigations-by-Leslie-GardnerRhetorical analysis of texts exposes plausible ‘truths’ and presumptions implied by the writer’s presentation.

In this volume, Leslie Gardner analyses the master psychologist Jung, who claimed to be expert at uncovering personal, psychological truths. In his theoretical writings, his rhetoric reveals philosophical ramiἀcations which bear strong similarities to those of the rhetorician of the 18th century, Italian philosopher Giambattista Vico.

This book is driven by an interest in arguing that it is possible to read Jung’s works easily enough when you have a set of precepts to go by. The paradox of scientiἀc discovery being set out in Jung’s grotesque and arcane imagery begins to seem a startling and legitimate psychology for the 21st century.

CONTENTS: Introduction: Underpinnings and Propositions. Tensions Psychoanalysis/Rhetoric/Science. Jung’s Rhetorical Stance. Topical Invention and Tropes, Tools of the Imagination: Deἀnitions and Issues. Psychological Types and Rhetorical Devices – Perspectives. Considering Fantasy, Fiction and Lacan. High Proἀle Representations: Metaphor and Metonymy: Jung, Vico and Ricoeur, Phenomenological Anthropology; William James. Word Association Tests, and Deliberative Logic – Forensic Jung. Pathé and Jung’s Passionate Agony Over ‘Answer To Job’. Ethos, the Rhetoric of ‘Memories, Dreams, ReḀections’ and Perjuries of Self-Presentations: With Two-Part Preamble. Concluding Remarks.

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