Free Online Depth Psychology Book Club Starts October 1

Join the free online book club in the month of October with Jungian-oriented therapist and author Elizabeth Clark-Stern. Elizabeth’s book is “On the Doorstep of the Castle”—An exploration of the Divine in the story of Teresa of Avila.

Our setting is 16th century Spain. The Inquisition has expelled the Jews or forced them to convert. Teresa of Avila is igniting the imagination of the country as the nun who receives messages directly from God. A young Jewish converso, Alma de Leon, appears on Teresa’s doorstep, petitioning to become a novice in her care. Teresa and Alma discover hidden dimensions in themselves and each other, as they struggle to become powerful women and pioneers in psyche’s movement toward wholeness in an oppressive yet luminous time.

LISTEN to a conversation for Depth Insights where Elizabeth  shares important insights into the feminine in spiritual, political, and relational realms. The common challenges facing women in both 16th century Spain and in today’s culture reveal how we might balance that which has been oppressed, both personally and culturally. What does it mean for each of us to be a “Teresa of Avila” and how does this fit into our individual process of individuation according to Jung?


Elizabeth Clark-Stern’s produced plays and screenplays include All I Could See from Where I Stood, Timeless Night: Viktor Frankl Meets Edith Stein, and Out of the Shadows: A Story of TONI WOLFF and EMMA JUNG.

Elizabeth lives, writes, and practices psychotherapy in Seattle, in company with her husband, her adult daughters, a granddaughter, and a host of beloved colleagues and friends. See Elizabeth’s blog site at and her psychotherapy site ™

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